Report: Most People Seem to be Okay With Microtransactions

In a report that not many people should find surprising, despite the overall conversation about microtransactions and their place in gaming, a recent report says that an overwhelming amount of consumers feel that they’re just perfectly fine.

The report, titled Gaming Today, is based on an online discussion led by a panel of gaming and tech influencers. Nearly 2,000 comments covered over 450 topics (via, and more than 10,000 poll responses were recorded, with debates focused on consumers’ likes, dislikes, frustrations, and thoughts on the future of the industry.

Based on the responses, 69% (nice) of consumers felt that cosmetic microtransactions were an acceptable form of monetization in games. Adding onto that, only 6% of those polled said they do make in-game purchases. 22% of people, however, described the “pay-to-win” model of microtransactions as “toxic” and “sickening.” While people generally seemed not to mind them much, only 1.3% of people described themselves as “fans” of the model.

Elsewhere in the poll, 37% of consumers found that games are becoming less innovative, and think that franchises such as Call of Duty are struggling to evolve. Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from buying those type of games, as Call of Duty: WWII continued the franchises dominance of sales. The entire poll and its results are certainly worth checking out to see what the general habits of consumers are, so make sure to check it out if you’re interested.

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