Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operators Unveiled, Free Weekend Underway

Ubisoft has unveiled two new operators for Rainbow Six Siege ahead of Operation Chimera. Featured in the video above are Lion and Finka from France and Russia, respectively.

A description reads:

In Operation Chimera, even Team Rainbow is pushed to its limits. Therefore, Six calls in some of the very best biohazard specialists currently in operation within the world’s elite national CTUs: Lion and Finka. Respectively from France and Russia, these hot zone specialists are experts in matters of biological warfare and veterans of numerous conflicts involving bio-chemical weapons. They are Rainbow Six’s best hope against the dangers lurking in the Quarantine Zone.

You can check out Lion and Finka’s full background stories on Rainbow Six Siege‘s official website.

In terms of gadget loadouts, here are their signature devices:


EE-One-D allows Lion to survey hot zones and maintain quarantine protocols on missions. He uses it to detect movement in an area in order to determine if someone is breaking quarantine, curfew, or a perimeter.


Finka delivers a nanobot shot to each operator before an operation. The nanites are made of zinc with the pharmacological cocktail laced into the nanobot’s construction. When she activates her signal, the nanobots disintegrate with the zinc being treated as a nutrient by the body and facilitating the absorption of the drugs. The operators receive a short boost of health to get them back on their feet, to give them an extra push, and to steady their aim.

If you haven’t tried Rainbow Six Siege yet then a free weekend is currently underway (ends February 20). PlayStation 4 players will need a PS Plus subscription to play the game, and will be able to carry their progress over should they wish to purchase it.