Fear the Wolves Preview – Irradiated Battle Royale (PS4)

Fear the Wolves Preview | PlayStation LifeStyle

Vostok Games made a surprise reveal at the commencement of the Le What’s Next De Focus event hosted by publisher Focus Home Interactive. Their next game is called Fear the Wolves, and while it’s extremely early in the development process, PlayStation LifeStyle managed to sit down with a few members of the team to discuss what the upcoming battle royale first-person shooter has to offer.

A Stalking Background

For those unaware, Vostok Games was founded by former members of GSC Game World, who were best known for working on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of horror games. The Ukrainian development team is chiefly aware of the Chernobyl disaster, which has been the basis for plenty of artistic endeavors since the 1986 accident.

Fear the Wolves is a first-person shooter battle royale, where each match begins with 100 combatants, and ends when there is only one player or team standing. It’s the genre that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made wildly popular last year. As with any new breakout success, there are bound to be attempts to take a trendy genre and add unique innovations to it. Vostok Games is hoping that their setting in the ruins of Chernobyl, mixed with a deadly computer-controlled enemy in multiple forms, can provide enough of a differentiation to nab new players.

The inspiration from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is obvious. Fear the Wolves takes place in the irradiated wastelands of Chernobyl. So while players will have to contend with one another, mutated beasts and even the environment itself will also be dangers that must be dealt with. For instance, the namesake wolves are horrific, ravenous creatures. If you hear one, you’ll have a couple of decisions. Running away is the most advisable, if you can. However, wolves will often be guarding loot which is certainly worth a look in a battle royale game where scrapping together resources is key. But they will be challenging foes, and might either kill you or severely wound you, leaving you as easy pickings for fellow human enemies.

Night is Coming

Fear the Wolves also features dynamic weather. This means that visibility can be a factor, and is something that players can potentially work to their advantage. A day and night cycle will also be in effect, which will no doubt provide for some differing tactics depending on the circumstances. Night time rain or fog sounds like something that will provide for entertaining rounds as enemies can come out of nowhere.

Nothing was shown in terms of gameplay for Fear the Wolves. It seems the game’s general direction and art style has at least been agreed to. The concept is a unique take on the exploding battle royale first-person shooter, and it will be interesting to see if Vostok Games can do enough to keep things different enough that they can carve out a sizable audience which is required for this kind of game to thrive. Fear the Wolves has a penciled-in release date of 2018.

PlayStation LifeStyle would like to thank Vostok Games and Focus Home Interactive for providing some time to talk about Fear the Wolves. Look out for more information on this and other games from the Le What’s Next De Focus event, coming soon!