Monster Hunter: World Could Take Over 1000 Hours to Platinum If You Don’t Pay Attention to Limited Time Events

If you’re going for the Monster Hunter: World Platinum, you ought to know that there are a few trophies that are almost entirely random in nature (on top of the skill and patience required to get monster kills). Giant Crown Master and Miniature Crown Master are both gold trophies that require slaying or capturing extremely large or small versions of the monsters you fight in the game. At the conclusion of a hunt, you’ll be rewarded with a bronze, silver, or gold crown if the monster is abnormally large, or a gold crown if the monster was notably small. The only problem is that monster sizing is mostly random and getting gold crowns is quite rare in regular play. A hunter could play for over 1000 hours and still never get every single giant and miniature gold crown. Multiple players have reported playing for hundreds of hours and only having two or three of the gold crowns out of the 56 total required for these trophies.

Trophy hunting legend PowerPyx has some information that can help increase chances of getting gold crowns, but there’s still a large degree of randomness to getting them.

Their sizes are tied to specific investigations. Gold crowns have the highest drop-chance in investigations that are 15 minutes/1 faint/3 tries or 5 tries. Investigations with tempered monsters and 3 monsters also have increased drop chance. Focus only on those types of investigations. The harder the investigation, the better the odds for a gold crown.

While PowerPyx’s method is more efficient and will increase drop chances, there’s an even better way to farm monsters in attempts to get gold crowns. If you want to significantly shorten the time it will take to earn gold crowns on every beast, pay attention to the limited time events that Capcom releases each week. These events can sometimes come with increased chances or guaranteed opportunities to get gold crowns.

This week, for example, there are two limited time quests, one with increased chances to obtain crowns, and the other a fight with a Barroth guaranteed to give a giant gold crown upon completion.

Deep Green Blues – 7 * High Rank – High Chance for Mini and Large Crowns

Hunt all target monsters – Great Jagras, Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Rathalos

Reward: 28800 z

Time Limit: 50 min

HR 13 or higher

Fail if time expires, faint 3 times.

Down the Dark Murky Path – 3 * Low Rank – Gives Gold Giant Barroth Crown

Slay a Barroth

Reward: 1080 z

Time Limit: 50 min

HR 3 or higher

Fail if time expires, faint 9 times.

Ranks: A – 4:00, B – 8:00, C – 50:00

(This is the quest for the Ryu armor, currently only available to those who have a Street Fighter V save on their system. It will be made widely available on February 23. It is only available from the Arena Challenges in the Gathering Hub, not in the main mission menu).

The Deep Green Blues quest will be rotating out at the end of the week, replaced by Wildspire Bolero on February 23, and Coral Waltz on March 1. It is estimated that these limited time quests will offer the same high crown chance for monsters in the Wildspire Wastes and Coral Highlands respectively. You don’t need to actually finish these tough quests to get the crowns. If you only need some of them (or you’re running low on time and are about to fail), you can kill the monsters that you need gold crowns for and choose “return from quest” to get rewards and credit for what you’ve done.

Pay attention to the limited time quest info each week if you’re hunting a Platinum trophy in addition to monsters. They could provide exactly what you need and help you avoid the headache of endless grinding and fighting with random chance to get those gold crowns. If you take the opportunity to get the available crowns each week, you’ll have the Monster Hunter World Platinum trophy in no time.