Save a Planet Full of Robots in Shiny, Out Today for PS4

Independent game developers Garage 227 have announced that Shiny, their indie platformer, will be making its debut on PlayStation 4 today, with the game officially available in the digital store and in physical stores tomorrow. Shiny tells the tale of a robot named Kramer 227, who is trying to escape a planet together with his friends. You can check out a trailer for the game below.

You can find the game now on the PlayStation Network, but if you’re into physical releases, try and secure a copy at your local store tomorrow. For more on the now released game, check out a brief description of Shiny below, and let us know in the comments if you plan on picking up the game:

Shiny tells the heartwarming story of a robot named Kramer 227, who needs to escape the ill-fated planet of Aurora together with his robot friends. The family-friendly game, developed by Brazilian studio Garage 227, is admired for its amazing music and old school vibe.

Shiny’s message to the world

The main premise of Shiny is that life and energy are precious resources. Every move Kramer makes consumes energy, which can be replenished by collecting batteries or finding generators. Collecting enough energy is essential to keep Kramer and his friends alive long enough to escape planet Aurora before it crashes into a blazing sun.


  • Non-violent platformer game with an old school appearance
  • Help other robots on your journey to escape the dying planet Aurora
  • Move around purposefully to save energy for fellow robots
  • Experience various power-ups such as jetpacks and energy spheres
  • Discover 20 huge 2.5D levels with detailed living backgrounds

Shiny is available now.