Psychedelic 2D Platformer Octahedron Launches Next Month

Indie games developers Demimonde have announced today that their 2D vertical action platformer Octahedron will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next month, on March 20. You can check out a trailer for the upcoming game below, and see how it tasks players with creating their own platforms as they fight against an ever scrolling map.

“Platform games have been around forever, and it’s very hard to create anything new in this genre – but Octahedron stands out as a game that looks, and feels, fresh, and you really have to play it to understand why,” says Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix West. “It’s captivating. Watching people play the game for the first time at events like EGX has highlighted for me why we’re so excited about launching it this March: The combination of the soundtrack working in tandem with the colors on screen really engages people in a way few other games can manage.”

For more on the upcoming Octahedron, check out a brief description of the game below, via Demimonde:

Octahedron’s electric 2D world charges players with creating their own platforms in quick time to progress, escaping from the strange subterranean world of Veetragoul and fighting back against peculiar enemies out to take you down in the process.

It’s a highly charged encounter, running at a smooth 60fps and brilliantly synced with a soundtrack created by popular video game composer Chipzel and trance producers Andre Sobota and Derek Howell, amongst others.

Octahedron will release on March 20, 2018.