Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One Out for PS4 Today

Frontier Developments have announced today that Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One next week on February 27. Beyond marks the start of the third Elite Dangerous season, and will be free for all players. Beyond will focus on bringing foundational changes to the core systems of the game, and include new in-game content for Commanders to experience.

With the third season out now, the content found within will all focus on community-requested enhancements, including new in-game content that progresses the player-driven storyline of the game, as well as a massive upgrade to the crime and punishment system found in the game, with Frontier aiming to make the massive multiplayer game even fairer and more competitive.

For some additional information on the upcoming Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One, check out a brief description below:

Starting February 27, new contacts will become available for Elite Dangerous Horizons owners as tech brokers, dealers of rare tools and technologies, give players a chance to acquire new items based on their personal narrative and experience. In addition, material traders will allow commanders to convert and exchange materials, making engineering and unlocking missions with tech brokers more accessible.

Beyond – Chapter One also features an array of improvements and updates, including the addition of a trade data overlay helping commanders find the most profitable trades in the Milky Way, changes to the engineering mechanics which ensure guaranteed improvement when crafting, the overhaul of the mission rewards system as well as the introduction of a new combat ship, The Chieftain, built as a response to the new Thargoid threat.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One is available now.