The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency Closes Down

David Jaffe has confirmed that his co-founded studio The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is closing down. The decision to shut down arrives about a month after the studio announced that a large majority of its staff had been let go due to the next project being canceled.

David Jaffe – best known for his work on Sony’s God of War franchise – co-founded the studio in 2013, and confirmed the studio would be closing in a brief tweet in which he offered to unload some of the props the company had acquired throughout the years.

“Ideally it would go to a charity like Child’s Play to auction off, but the time to set up shipping of such odd shaped and heavy items is something we just don’t have time to take on,” said Jaffe in a followup tweet regarding the props. As it stands, it seems like Jaffe will be organizing something for fans to show up and take the items off his hands, so make sure to stay tuned to his Twitter if you’re in the area and want some things.

As for The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, the company only shipped one game in its life: Drawn to Death. The game, which launched in April 2017 on PlayStation 4, was poorly received upon launch, and never really got off the ground as a unique new shooter. We’ll make sure to update you should any new information become available. Let us know what you think about the studio closure in the comments below.