Next Battlefield Game Will Bring Series Back to World War II

Many first-person shooters seem to be going back in time and revisiting World War II, and it seems like the Battlefield franchise won’t break from that trend. According to a report from VentureBeat’s Jeffrey Grubb, the next Battlefield title will return the series to World War II for the first time since 2009.

Titled Battlefield V – it was originally known as Battlefield 2 internally – will launch before the end of 2018, and while no other information has been unveiled just yet, it seems that this has been planned by EA and developer DICE, as the last game in the Battlefield franchise took fans across various World War I environments.

While fans might still be clamoring for a new iteration of the Bad Company series of Battlefield games – and Grubb states DICE is aware of these requests – DICE has proven that they are no stranger to making a game set in the past, and with how successful Battlefield 1 has been, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Battlefield V continue the streak for the company.

For more on Battlefield 1, make sure to check out what’s inside the latest expansion for the game below:

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse adds five multiplayer maps to the mix. The bloody, muddy hell of Passchendaele and the Austro-Italian clash of Caporetto portray two of the most infamous battles of World War 1, where you’ll go over the top to conquer bitterly-contested ground. The scenic wheat fields by River Somme transform into a nightmare after devastating artillery barrages.

On London Calling and Razor’s Edge – two maps created exclusively for aerial combat – you’ll be able to live out your dogfight fantasies. Master the skies in the new Air Assault game mode and expand the horizon of your Battlefield 1 experiences.

You’ll also get your hands on new vehicles, weapons, and gadgets with Battlefield 1 Apocalypse. For instance, the Assault Class’s AA Rocket Gun arms infantry soldiers with a way to assist airborne team mates and deliver serious damage to enemy aircrafts.

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[Source: VentureBeat]