Immortal Redneck Giveaway – Enter for a Chance to Win a Redneck!

Have you been feeling the itch to take on Egyptian gods as a gun-toting, undead Redneck? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Starting today and running through tomorrow, we are giving away 3 North American codes and 3 European codes for Immortal Redneck on PlayStation 4. To enter, you can either visit our Twitter or Facebook pages and follow the rules listed, or you can simply leave a comment below giving us your best one-liner for an undead Redneck. Please make sure to specify in the comments whether you are wanting an EU or NA code.

For those curious about what type of game Immortal Redneck is, here is an excerpt from our review.

Immortal Redneck is ultimately a simple, fun game that is hard to master. Constantly replaying the same pyramid in order to progress sounds repetitive on the surface, but randomizing various key aspects changes things up enough to ensure the trip stays varied. Tongue-in-cheek humor with some of the weapons, but especially on literal objects such as the skill tree, help to dial down some of the frustrations of grabbing the occasional bad random scroll. All of this is packaged up in a sleek, cheap ($19.99) download and buttery-smooth, consistent frame rate that keeps the action going. Immortal Redneck is a good buy for those looking for a challenging arcade shooter that keeps things fresh.

Well what are you waiting for? Hurry up and enter! In the immortal words of comedian Jeff Foxworthy, “You might be a Redneck”.