The Prey Twitter Account is Being a Huge Tease

The Prey Twitter account sent out quite the tease today in the form of a short GIF showing the moon accompanied by a provocative question: “Do we really know what’s out there?” What could it mean? Well, the early speculation is that it could be Prey DLC that takes place on the moon, but that’s purely conjecture at this point. More will certainly become clear when Bethesda holds its showcase later this year.

Here’s the potential Prey DLC tease:

For even more on the first-person shooter, check out our Prey review. Here’s what reviewer Paulmichael Contreras had to say when it released:

While combat is unique in Prey, it is also one area that may frustrate some gamers. While you have a decent arsenal of weapons at your disposal, ammunition is constantly at a premium, as are resources to fabricate ammunition. Even on the game’s Normal difficulty setting, most enemies can kill you in just a couple of hits. So, combat requires you to always stay vigilant, but it is satisfying to figure out which mixture of mechanics will take down a Telepath enemy.

Arkane Studios has another hit on their hands in the form of Prey. Some minor bugs aside, this is a horror fan’s dream come true. Prey may appear to be a first-person shooter on the surface, but there’s an RPG hidden just underneath its shiny graphics. You have the freedom to approach Prey in any way you desire, and it’s unlikely any two players will have the same experience. With an intriguing story, impressive ambiance, and challenging gameplay, Prey is a must-own game that has found a unique take on psychological horror in game form.

Prey is available now for PlayStation 4.