How to Get Monster Hunter: World’s Wiggler Helmet, the Weirdest Event Armor

If you’ve ever been playing Monster Hunter: World and thought to yourself “I really wish I could wear a giant sock puppet on my head in this game,” then you’re in luck! The latest limited-time event will have players hunting down wigglers to make a distinctive and bizarre piece of headgear that looks like precisely that, complete with a stitched mouth and button eyes.

The event is called Wiggle Me This and runs through March 8. It is a six-star quest found in the Coral Highlands, and you’ll have to be Hunter Rank 11 before you can take on the challenge. Your objective is to kill 10 wigglers, the strange creatures that protrude from the ground in the Coral Highlands area. Your best bet here is to use ranged weapons or a gillymantle that will allow you to sneak up on the skittish worms before they disappear into the ground. It shouldn’t be hard to do at all, and will reward you with Wiggler Tickets, an item required to craft the Wiggler Head helmet.

In addition to the Monster Hunter: World wiggler helmet, The Proving quest is running right now. The Proving will allow players to craft Aloy armor to give them the appearance of the main character from Horizon Zero Dawn, though it’s going to be a touch harder than killing some wigglers. In The Proving, you’ll have to take on a giant Anjanath to earn the right to play as Aloy.

Despite creating conversation around the lack of health bars for monsters, Monster Hunter: World has sold extremely well, breaking records for Capcom. The developer has promised to continue to support the game, and we should expect to see Deviljho, the game’s free DLC monster, released soon.

Will you be getting the Wiggler Head helmet for your Monster Hunter: World character? What other bizarre costumes and crossovers would you like to see come to the game?