Monster Hunter World Ships 6 Million Units, Fastest Capcom Title to Reach That Mark

Capcom announced that Monster Hunter: World has reached 6 million units shipped between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, including digital sales on both platforms. With a PC version still to come, those are some impressive numbers that show the popularity of the new title. In the first three days after its launch, Monster Hunter: World sales had already reached 5 million. This is the fastest title to reach 6 million sales in Capcom’s history. The company chalks it up to a simultaneous global launch and significant innovations to the latest title in the series.

Monster Hunter has always had a very dedicated fanbase since its initial launch in 2004, but it was traditionally a niche and specific set of fans. Monster Hunter: World lives up to its name by gaining popularity across the globe. As the first Monster Hunter title for consoles in nine years, anticipation was high for what the power of current-gen tech could do for the series. The entire series now boasts sales of 46 million.

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Those multiplayer quirks are overcome quickly, though, and I enjoyed my time the most when I was playing with friends. It should be noted that the monsters get considerably more difficult in multiplayer, but it really makes the hunts feel like a team effort when completing them. It all results in a really satisfying gameplay loop of gaining different types of armor, collecting specific drops, and learning your weapons. There’s always something more to do in Monster Hunter: World.

This is the modernization that Monster Hunter definitely needed. Not only is it the most dynamic title in the series to date, it’s just a fantastic action role-playing game. Even if you’ve bounced off the series in the past, I highly recommend giving Monster Hunter: World a try. It’s where the series finally truly clicked for me, and that is very much by design. Capcom has updated their formula for a new generation, and it’s a real treat for all.

Are you one of the 6 million Monster Hunter: World sales?

[Source: Capcom]