How to Get Free Monster Hunter: World Commemorative Item Pack Celebrating 7.5 Million Sales

Monster Hunter: World hit 7.5 million sales, a notable milestone that makes it the best selling Capcom game of all time. It’s a huge accomplishment for a game with a traditionally niche audience. Capcom is happy that they were able to overcome both linguistic and cultural barriers with Monster Hunter: World. To celebrate the massive success and express their gratitude to the players and fans around the world, Capcom is giving all Monster Hunter: World players a commemorative item pack full of useful and rare items.

To get your Commemorative Item Pack, simply log in to the game and claim your daily login bonus. Five items will be granted to you. The items included in the Monster Hunter World Commemorative Item Pack are:

  • 50 Lifepowders
  • 3 Deluxe Wyvern First Prints
  • 10 Ancient Potions
  • 10 Armor Sphere+
  • 3 Golden Eggs

Don’t forget about Monster Hunter: World’s limited time quests that are running right now. The Wiggler Head quest ends later today, and there’s only one week left to get the items needed to craft an exclusive Aloy outfit so that you can play as Horizon Zero Dawn’s hero. If you’ve ever questioned the lack of monster health bars in the game, or know someone that feels like monsters need better health indicators, we wrote a piece talking about how the absence of health bars actually makes you a better monster hunter. It affords the opportunity to play more cautiously and learn from your own mistakes, rather than finding an excuse and blaming the game’s systems.

The Monster Hunter World Commemorative Item Pack won’t be available forever, so you’d better log in and grab yours before they go away.