PSA: Don’t Forget To Do Monster Hunter: World’s Aloy Event and Wiggler Head Event Before They’re Gone

Monster Hunter: World’s limited time events are one of the most fun aspects about the game, but limited time means you may forget to complete them before they’re gone. Without knowing when they’ll rotate around again, it’s best to make some time right now to complete the event quests and get the limited time items that they reward you with.

Monster Hunter: World’s Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration began with a simple quest to earn Watcher gear for your Palico. It was a quest we weren’t particularly impressed with, though the reward turned out to be pretty cool. The currently active Horizon Zero Dawn quest has players hunting a giant Anjanath to earn materials to craft into Aloy armor. This custom armor changes your hunter’s appearance into Aloy, the main character from Horizon Zero Dawn, and can be applied to both male and female hunters.

The Aloy armor quest, The Proving, will be ending on Thursday, March 15 at 23:59 UTC (which equals 3:59 PM Pacific or 6:59 PM Eastern). It might be more than a week out, but it’s easy for the deadline to creep up on you if you’re not paying attention, so better to hunt that giant Anjanath now and get your custom armor.

The bizarre quest for the wiggler head helmet is ending much sooner. Wiggle Me This comes to a close on Thursday, March 8 at 23:59 UTC (again, 3:59 PM Pacific or 6:59 PM Eastern). That’s less than two more days to complete the quest, earn the materials, and craft a giant sock puppet for your hunter’s head. It’s likely that both of these events will be back at some point, but Capcom’s schedule doesn’t currently outline when that will happen.

Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter: World has sold more than 7.5 million copies, making it the best selling Capcom game of all time. The company says that they overcame both linguistic and cultural barriers with Monster Hunter: World, taking a previously niche title and turning it into a worldwide phenomenon.

Will you be participating the Monster Hunter World limited time events before they are gone?