Koei Tecmo Has Published All Images of Attack on Titan 2 DLC Costumes

After previously revealing the first eight DLC costumes for Attack on Titan 2, Koei Tecmo has today released images of the remaining twelve extra costumes, for a total of 20 costumes.

In the Attack on Titan 2 video game, some characters will be able to change costumes which can be worn in both daily life and battles. While there are also casual costumes which are unlockable in-game (though some of them can be unlocked earlier with pre-order and early purchase bonuses), these DLC costumes offer even more bizarre designs that hardcore fans of Attack on Titan characters should find them interesting.

Koei Tecmo is also providing a pricier Digital Deluxe Edition of Attack on Titan 2 on PlayStation Store where you will be able to obtain all twenty DLC costumes as soon as they are officially released. You can see the full schedule list and images of the costumes right below.

Releasing on March 15

  • Delinquent costume for Eren
  • Chinese Dress costume for Mikasa
  • Leather Jacket costume for Levi

Releasing on March 22

  • Kid costume for Armin
  • Clown costume for Jean
  • Kungfu costume for Connie
  • Cheerleader costume for Sasha
  • Gothic Lolita costume for Christa

Releasing on March 29

  • American Football costume for Reiner
  • Pajama costume for Bertolt
  • Motorcycle Suit costume for Annie
  • Pirate costume for Ymir

Releasing on April 5

  • Scientist costume for Hange
  • Knight costume for Erwin
  • Kunoichi costume for Mikasa
  • Maid costume for Christa

Releasing on April 12

  • Idol costume for Annie
  • Jersey costume for Sasha
  • Shrine Maiden costume for Ymir
  • Detective costume for Hange

Attack on Titan 2 will be released first in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on March 15. The North American and European release, which will follow five days later on March 20, replaces the PlayStation Vita version with Xbox One.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]