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Rumor: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Fighting Game Coming, Features Huge Roster

Earlier this month, it was revealed that a possible fighting game based on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series is being developed by Soft Circle French Bread. Now, it seems that the source who originally leaked that the game is in development has also revealed the possible roster for the upcoming game.

The leak, which comes from Dasvergeben (via Shoryuken)- a renowned leaker in the fighting game community – states that the game will have a 36 character base rosters, including:

  • Jotaro Kujo
  • Young and Old Joseph Joestar
  • Johnny Joestar
  • Jolyne Cujoh
  • Yoshikage Kira
  • DIO
  • Jonathan Joestar
  • both Josuke Higashikatas from Part 4 and Part 8
  • Koichi Hirose
  • Gyro Zeppeli
  • Jobin Higashikata
  • Noriaki Kakyoin
  • Muhammad Avdol
  • Jean-Pierre Polnareff
  • Iggy
  • Giorno Giovanna
  • Robert E. O. Speedwagon
  • Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
  • Kars
  • Wamuu
  • Hol Horse
  • Okuyasu Nijimura
  • Rohan Kishibe
  • Trish Una
  • Guido Mista
  • Diavolo
  • Narciso Anasui
  • Ermes Costello
  • Funny Valentine
  • Diego Brando
  • Dio Brando
  • Father Enrico Pucci

According to the leaker, the last two characters are currently unaccounted for, but the game will apparently feature a wide range of DLC characters as well. Per Dasvergeben, the game will have two Character Passes that have 6 characters in each, which would bring the total game roster up to 48.

According to him, the DLC characters they’ve heard about include:

  • Vanilla Ice
  • Pet Shop
  • Lisa Lisa
  • Esidisi
  • Rudol Von Stroheim
  • Weather Report
  • Emporio Alnino
  • Straizo
  • Akira Otoishi
  • Yukako Yamagishi
  • Pannacotta Fugo
  • Bruno Bucciarati

The final bit of news about the potentially upcoming game is that Yoshikage Kira will be voiced in English by Dan Southwourth, while Pucci will be played by Steve Blum. Of course, all of this is still purely speculative, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as new information is released. In the meantime, let us know how you feel about a potential JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game in the comments.

[Source: Shoryuken]