Fortnite Update 3.3 Delayed After Issue Discovered, Teams of 20 Mode Extended

Originally scheduled to have released today, Epic delayed Fortnite update 3.3 after an issue was found. There are no patch notes currently available for update 3.3, but Epic has issued a number of teases, including the possibility of coming across a Loot Llama in both the free Battle Royale and paid early access Save the World modes. This item would drop helpful items for players once found. Epic also teased remote explosives as “coming soon,” which is easy to guess might be coming alongside Fortnite update 3.3.

One benefit of the delay is an extension on the limited-time Teams of 20 mode that began earlier this month. It was scheduled to end when Fortnite update 3.3 was released, but the delay will make it available for slightly longer, at least until Epic reschedules the update.

Though Fortnite update 3.3 isn’t going to bring a limited-time mode (that we know of), expect to see another event sometime soon. Once Epic finally releases update 3.3, we’ll bring you the patch notes complete with all the changes and additions to both Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save the World.

Epic recently revealed a mobile version of the game, cross-compatible with every other version of Fortnite. They also had to clarify some of the verbiage used regarding cross-platform play, saying that PS4 and Xbox One are still not cross-compatible, even though they each can play with every other version of Fortnite. On that subject, both Microsoft’s Phil Spencer and the team at Epic want to see Sony finally let their guard down a little bit to allow for cross-platform play between PlayStation and Xbox. It was a story that dominated last year, and it seems the conversation is back once again.