PSA: Free Monster Hunter: World Character Edit Voucher Is Available Now

Have you progressed hours into Monster Hunter: World, only to realize that you hate how your character looks? Maybe you want to change your hair, face shape, or even switch your hunter’s gender? Capcom released a free character edit voucher that will allow you to change your character one time. Any future changes will require an entirely new save file or paying for another character edit voucher (not yet available for purchase).

You can redeem that free Monster Hunter: World character edit voucher on the PlayStation Store, and because I’m nice, here’s a link to the Xbox One version as well.

Remember that the free character edit voucher is a one-time purchase and can only be used on a single character, so don’t squander the opportunity to make long awaited changes to your character. While you can already change your hunter’s exterior cosmetics, the edit voucher allows edits of major character features like face shape and gender. Gender is a big one, because it will entirely change what your armor pieces all look like. You will not be able to change your hunter or Palico name, or change the appearance of your Palico. If you want to edit those, you’ll have to start a whole new game.

This week has been full of big news for Monster Hunter fans. Capcom offered details on next week’s big update which will bring a large number of weapon balancing changes (mostly buffs to everything) and add a new monster, Deviljho, to the mix. A number of other small settings changes and updates are headed to the game. It was also revealed that Devil May Cry’s Dante will be coming to Monster Hunter: World, along with a weapon inspired by the series.

Will you be making any changes to your hunter with the free Monster Hunter: World character edit voucher?