Omega Labyrinth Z has Been Banned in the UK

In a rather stunning development today, the Video Standards Council – the official ratings board in the UK – have announced that the Japanese-developed RPG Omega Labyrinth Z has been banned from release in the UK due to “likely harm being caused” to viewers, especially “children or young people.” (via

Without classification from the Video Standards Council, games are illegal to sell, and while that applies only to physical products, it’s also likely that the game won’t be available digitally in those markets either. With their ban intact, Omega Labyrinth Z becomes the first game to be banned in the UK since Rockstar’s Manhunt 2 back in 2007. According to the VSC, the game and its many mini-games have been deemed too sexually explicit for release, particularly given the age of some the characters.

In a statement to, PQube stated that while they do try and publish games as faithfully to the Japanese source material as possible, they will “respectfully comply” with the guidelines of the VSC and their laws. “PQube works closely with all age ratings bodies and platform holders through this process. In an instance where a release is not possible, PQube respectfully complies with the guidelines of a platform holder and the laws of any given territory.”

As far as the game goes, no pricing information or concrete date has been revealed for the game, but we’ll make sure to update you as that comes out. For more information on the features of the game, check out below:

  • Tactical turn-based combat – Control the battlefield with expert positioning and use of skills!
  • Explore lengthy dungeons – Randomly generated dungeons brimming with loot is yours for the taking!
  • Item management made easy – The ‘Purse’ system allows you to send items back to town if your inventory fills up in a dungeon.
  • A shopaholics dream – Purchase items with Omega Power, even the dungeons have shops!
  • Breasts bursting with power – Collect Omega power to grow your breasts! As your breasts grow, so does your characters power!
  • Reach maximum boobage – Grow to a Z-Cup in order to unleash the ultimate attack: Hyper Omega Slash! You deflate again after using it, so time it carefully!
  • Level up your characters stats and skills – Utilize the ‘Faint☆Awakening’ system to improve characters by touching them until they scream with excitement!
  • Transform crystals into items with the power of breasts – The ‘Oppai Appraisal’ system lets you reveal the true nature of loot!
  • Recover in the hot springs – Get your power back in the dungeon hot springs and get to know the ladies of Omega Labyrinth Z better!
  • Touch anywhere, anytime – No matter where you are, in dungeons, dialogue screens or menu screens, touch the characters for unique reactions!

Omega Labyrinth Z is set to release sometime in Spring 2018.