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Yes, Labyrinth Life Will Actually Be Released in the West

In what is a new wrinkle to one of the most twisting and turning tales in all of video games, Labyrinth Life is actually getting a Western release. This comes after Omega Labyrinth Z was (in?)famously rejected outright by Sony. However, it appears that both Sony and D3 Publisher have reached some sort of consensus, as the most recent title in the series will be hitting the West on August 1, 2019. What a time to be alive.

If you’ve never heard of Labyrinth Life, or its more mature sibling Omega Labyrinth Life, then boy do I have a story for you. The dungeon-crawler series became notable for its unapologetically lewd nature. So much so, in fact, that Sony refused to allow D3 to release Omega Labyrinth Z outside of Japan. This came after it was literally banned in countries like Australia and the United Kingdom. Something must have changed from now to then, as Sony is allowing this game on its platform, but not without some changes.

Take a look at this truly unique game here:

Unsurprisingly, the PS4 version of Labyrinth Life will have altered content. If you want the full, uncensored experience, you can get that on the Nintendo Switch, where it will be known as Omega Labyrinth Life. Because we’re in some bizarro timeline apparently. The title will be available exclusively on digital platforms in the West. If you want a physical copy of Labyrinth Life, you can get the Asian version, which is playable in English.

Though there will be some difference with regards to its more adult content, the two titles will otherwise be the same experience. Players and their team of maidens will have to explore procedurally-generated dungeons. By defeating enemies, you’ll be rewarded with Omega Power, enabling you to grow the size the breast sizes of the maidens, all the way to a Z-cup, apparently.

Labyrinth Life will be released on August 1, 2019 for the PlayStation 4.