Sony Stops Omega Labyrinth Z from Releasing In The West

Omega Labyrinth Z almost made it to the West, but Sony has stepped in to stop the localization process. This seemed somewhat inevitable as the game has been getting banned left and right due to its sexualization of young girls. Just a few months ago The Video Standards Council – the official ratings board in the UK – refused to rate the title, effectively banning its release in the UK due to “likely harm being caused” to viewers, especially “children or young people.”

Of course, banned doesn’t (always) mean illegal. It just means it won’t have a commercial release because stores don’t sell unrated games. However, some countries may have laws in place to support that policy as well. Gamers in Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and now the West can still order the game via online distributors that ship worldwide but they’d risk being unable to attain the package depending on the customs restrictions in their respective countries.

All of this is to say that this sexual rogue-like dungeon crawler is going to be hard to get your hands on in those aforementioned countries, and for good reason. While Omega Labyrinth Z offers standard gameplay in many regards: it’s a dungeon crawling RPG that includes combat, monster encounters, experience points, and all the usual traits of its genre. But it also involves things  fondling 15 year old girls and watching them take a steamy bath in the hot springs. Just check out all the game’s features here:

  • A Special First Day of School – At Embellir Girls Academy, the Grail of Beauty is hidden in a cave that only opens on the first day! It’s Aina’s chance to find it and grant her dearest wish!
  • Tactical turn-based combat – Control the battlefield with expert positioning and use of skills!
  • Explore lengthy dungeons – Randomly generated dungeons brimming with loot is yours for the taking!
  • Girl Power! – Aina, Rio and their friends form a team of talented fighters for your dungeon exploration!
  • Breasts Bursting With Power – Collect Omega power to grow your breasts! As your breasts grow, so does your characters power!
  • Reach maximum boobage – Grow to a Z-Cup in order to unleash the ultimate attack: Hyper Omega Slash! You deflate again after using it, so time it carefully!
  • Special Features – Discover the b(r)est ways to level up the girls and their items with Faint in Agony x Awakening and more!
  • The Power of Breasts – The “Oppai Appraisal” system lets you reveal the true nature of loot!
  • Time for Steamy Baths! – Get your power back in the dungeon hot springs and get to know the ladies of Omega Labyrinth Z better!

Throughout all of this the publisher PQube has been polite and compliant regarding all restrictions. And that makes sense considering the highly sexual content involving girls that are freshman and sophomores in high school. The gameplay trailer is pretty straightforward in that regard:

So  Omega Labyrinth Z won’t be making it’s way west after all.

[Source: Push Square]