The Omega Labyrinth Z Collector’s Edition That Could’ve Been

The commercial western release of Omega Labyrinth Z was stopped by Sony, due to its sexual depiction of 15 year old girls. Even though it will never actually appear, PQube decided to show off the collector’s edition that was planned for the dungeon-crawling RPG where leveling up means getting larger boobs.

Here’s what the aptly named Omega Labyrinth Z Mammary Maze Edition (pictured above) would have contained:

  • The game itself, with alternative covers for both PS4 and PSVita.
  • An art book.
  • Massaged Prawn.
  • Bellona’s Keyring.
  • Collector’s Box.
  • Padded mousepad of Rio.

While you won’t be able to get your hands on everything in this edition, you can still order the mousepad featuring Rio and her oversized breasts. All she wanted was to find the Holy Grail and make her boobs smaller, but like most wishes, that remains unfulfilled. You can rest your wrist on the soft, physical reminders of her shattered dream by ordering here.

If you feel like you’ve missed out, there’s always The Punch Line collector’s edition, which is another PQube published game. This one has an upskirt angle.

If the “sexy”/eroge video game genre doesn’t appeal to you, there are other PQube related projects to look forward to, such as the upcoming RPG and school management simulator Valithirian Arc: Hero School Story.

[Source: Rice Digital]