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Censored PlayStation 4 Release of Labyrinth Life Will Be Playable in English

No western release has been announced for Labyrinth Life on the PlayStation 4, or its Nintendo Switch counterpartOmega Labyrinth Life. However, it has been confirmed that the Japanese releases will feature English-language options, making these titles even more accessible. Be aware, though, that there are some key difference between the two releases outside of the titles. Labyrinth Life on the PS4 features a more “family-friendly” version of the title, while Omega Labyrinth Life on the Switch is fully uncensored.

The habit of censoring Japanese releases on the PlayStation 4 specifically has been a recurring element of the last few years. It’s a controversial and highly-criticized move on the part of the publisher, which has been been enforcing its standards on third-party titles. Those standards have become even stricter in recent months, as well.

D3 Publisher itself poked fun at the who situation in the newest trailer for Labyrinth Life. A tag at the end of the trailer featuring a mock journalist notes that the PlayStation 4 release allows you to play this title in front of others. If you’re into that kind of thing, of course. You can check the trailer (which is in Japanese) below. The bulk of the trailer is NSFW, though the bit discussing the censorship can be found at around 6:00.

However, there is an actual game buried underneath all the censorship hullabaloo! Labyrinth Life is a “rogue-like dungeon RPG” developed by Matrix Software. It’s main hook is known as “Omega Power,” which augments the characters’ chest sizes, and not coincidentally, their stats. The characters’ attributes (to use a more family-friendly term) can also be used to appraise the tools you acquire on your adventures. Expect these elements to be more edited on the PlayStation 4.

While Labyrinth Life on the PlayStation 4 is a censored release, the core gameplay should remain the same. Again, the title is currently Japan-only, though it is available to preorder on Play-Asia. Fans can also get their hands on the Labyrinth Life Limited Edition, which includes both in-game DLC and exclusive merch!

Labyrinth Life and Omega Labyrinth Life will release on August 1, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, respectively.

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