Sony’s Censorship Policy Seemingly Applies to Japanese Releases

The plot appears to be thickening, with respect to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s emerging policy on published content. This policy first came to light with the cancellation of PQube’s English localization of Omega Labyrinth Z, then caused a second stir with the removal of a regular feature from the next Senran Kagura game. Now, evidence has emerged of this policy also affecting Japanese games, potentially.

The title in question here is Nekopara Vol. 1, which just released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, following a release for the Nintendo Switch earlier in 2018. The Switch version made it through relatively untouched, but the same cannot be said for the game on the  PlayStation 4.

Screenshot comparisons from the community reveal an option for “chest bounciness” has been removed from the game entirely, as well as an example of more steam being added to a particularly racy CG image that obscures more of the skin on display. Something called “touch mode,” a feature that fans feared would be on the chopping block, does appear to remain intact.

The thing about this policy is that we don’t really know much about it. Xseed, publisher of the Senran Kagura series, only spoke to the policy existing series without going into detail about specifics. Sony has also not commented on the matter at all.

[Source: Gematsu]