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God Eater 3 is Confirmed Getting Released on PlayStation 4, World Premiere Gameplay Footage Also Shown

Bandai Namco has today held a live stream to celebrate the 8th anniversary of their post-apocalyptic high-speed hunting action game series, God Eater. As promised, they have delivered brand-new information on God Eater 3, the highly-anticipated sequel to the series. And we have finally received an official confirmation that this game will be coming to PlayStation 4!

You can watch the new God Eater 3 trailer at the 19:22 mark. In this trailer, we learn that the protagonist (the avatar of the player in this game) is not alone as they are accompanied by their close friend Hugo Pennywort (who is voiced in Japanese by the famous voice actor Tomokazu Seki).

God Eater 3 has a new disastrous phenomenon called Ash Region which produces tremendous heat that even the atmosphere turns everything touched into ashes. Only the newest type of God Eaters—AGEs (Adaptive God Eaters), which the protagonist and Hugo have become—are able to perform activities inside these Ash Regions, albeit for a limited time.

God Eater 3 PS4 - Protagonist and Hugo Pennywort

God Eater 3‘s producer Yuya Tomiyama has also provided the world premiere gameplay footage of the game, which is available at 31:54. He showcased the new weapon types appearing in GE3. Dual Blades are the newest melee weapon type added, and they can launch a quick flurry of attacks. They can also be joined into a double voulge, although the user’s stamina will not recover while the blades are in this form.

A new projectile weapon type has also been added in Ray Gun. As the name implies, this gun lets you shoot a continuous stream of laser by holding the attack button. The laser will grow bigger the longer you shoot, but the OP (Oracle Point) will also gradually deplete until it runs out of energy. You can also launch Predator Attacks from various positions including mid-air, just like in God Eater Resurrection.

In this footage, the characters get to fight a new Aragami called Anubis, which could be the flagship monster of God Eater 3. Unlike past Aragami monsters, Anubis is able to launch Predator attacks on God Eaters by biting them. When successful, it enters a Burst Mode, able to stand on two feet and unleash even more damaging attacks. The God Eater bitten by the Aragami is put on an even more dangerous situation where they cannot receive any aid from allies temporarily. If they lose all their HP in this condition, they cannot be even revived on the spot and are forced to respawn.

However, the Adaptive God Eaters in this game also have new tricks up their sleeves. One of them is Accel Trigger, which gives the player some temporary gameplay advantages by performing feats. For example, successfully performing a Just Guard will give the player a temporary attack bonus. The other—and the more prominent one—is the Engage system, where fighting nearby an ally character will increase your Engage rate with them. When the gauge is filled up, you can initiate Engage where AGEs are linked with each other and get strengthened together.

God Eater 3 PS4 - Ash Region

God Eater 3 is so far confirmed to be released on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. However, Bandai Namco has not specified a release timeframe yet as of this stream. More information on the game can be expected on next week’s Famitsu magazine, as well as a public demo session that will be held at Bandai Namco’s office next month in late April.

[Source: Bandai Namco via Dengeki]