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God Eater 3’s January 2020 Update to Debut a New Episode, Costumes, and Gameplay Adjustments

Version 2.30 serves as the next major update set to launch for God Eater 3. The free update will go live on January 16, 2020, bringing with it a new episode, extra costumes, several balancing adjustments, and a few new features.

Bandai Namco unveiled its future update plans for God Eater 3 during the title’s most recent YouTube broadcast. For Update 2.30, players should anticipate the arrival of new background music for the jukebox. In addition, the update will include the next “Traversing the Past” episode for Phym. Keith Pennywort and Neal Pennywort episodes will go live with the launch of Version 2.40. Lastly, the 2.50 update will add the episode for Ein. At the time of writing, the latter two updates lack official release information.

Moreover, according to patch notes compiled by Gematsu, God Eater 3 Version 2.30 will include all of the following:

  • New Ashwrought Aragami:
    • Tirani Hannibal
    • Melam Marduk
    • Balmung Regalia
  • Two new costumes
  • Balance adjustments:
    • Adjusts GAP acquisition method: GAP can be infinitely re-acquired through the special mission “Urgent: Snack Collection.”
    • Adjusts the amount of stamina consumed for Dive: “Buckler: 20 –> 12,” “Shield: 25 –> 15,” and “Tower Shield: 30 –> 18.”
    • Guard range expansion skill(s}
    • Adjusts Link Burst bullets to pierce through everything, as well as increased homing performance.
    • “Bullet [Heal]” and “Radiation Bullet [Heal]” are now available for all guns (purchasable bullets).
  • Additional system-related features:
    • Adds airborne enemies to Preview Mode.
    • Adds “wait” function to Phym.
    • Adds a function to copy another player’s custom bullet via their Avatar Card.

Get a look at the Ashwrought Aragami additions and new costumes in the image gallery below:

God Eater 3 launched earlier this year for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. The title was well received, releasing to generally favorable reviews. Our review awarded it an 8 out of 10, applauding the combat mechanics and characters, while noting a need for improvement with regards to plot and character customization.

[Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment via Gematsu]