Learn the ‘5 Cs’ of Ni no Kuni II’s Higgledies

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is now out in the wild, and one of the biggest changes from the original is the new Higgledies system. In order to help players understand it better, Bandai Namco just put out a new video showcasing the different features of the creatures. From being cute to helping in combat, they’re quite versatile!

Watch the Ni no Kuni II Higgledies trailer below:

For even more on the recently released role-playing game, check out our Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom review. Here’s a snippet of what Chandler had to say:

Any good kingdom is never without its rough spots. When I finally got access to sea and air travel, I began exploring the world’s hidden nooks and crannies to find small caves, forests, and other dungeons on the fringes. Where the main game never felt dull or repetitive, many of these side caves and forests I came across were built using the same few building blocks and repetitive elements. Similar pathways and end rooms met me in almost each and every one. The first few times I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t back in an area I had explored before. It’s not a major downside, but it did make world exploration outside of assigned side quests a pointedly dull affair. I also encountered some frame rate chop, most notably when swinging the camera around in visually busy areas. It’s not gameplay breaking and never impedes things like combat, but it can occasionally make traversal nauseating.

Ni no Kuni II is pure magic. It consistently surpassed my expectations, being bigger than I could have imagined. New pieces were constantly fitting themselves into place, and just when I thought the puzzle was complete, the border would expand. More than 40 hours later, the edges were still unfolding, both in narrative revelations and expanding gameplay capabilities. It’s easy to get lost in every face of this perfectly-paced multifaceted gem. I felt welcomed into Evan’s kingdom of Evermore, and I made it my new home as I took part in the unfolding adventure. Ni no Kuni II is a near-perfect RPG and deserves every bit of the attention that it demands.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is available now.