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MidBoss CEO Accused of Mistreating Workers, Sexual Harassment

MidBoss, the organizer of the GaymerX gaming convention and developer of 2064: Read Only Memories, has been the subject of a variety of recent allegations ranging from mistreating workings to multiple incidents of sexual harassment.

First surfacing last week during the Game Developers Conference, musician liquidcrystal took to Twitter to share a lengthy thread detailing some of the accusations. In the thread, she accuses the studio and its CEO, Matt Conn, as “severely” mistreating their employees, noting that they “have a streak of taking advantage of young queer people in tough situations in order to underpay them.” The thread itself is linked above and details more of the alleged treatment in more detail.

It’s important to note that the musician, while sharing the information, did say it was second-hand, noting that most of the information has been known throughout certain circles for some time. However, since starting the thread, other former MidBoss employees have spoken out in order to corroborate the story. Tyler Gausvik – who handled social media for 2064: Read Only Memories – confirmed the allegations. “Former MidBoss employee here. Everything in this thread is true and unfortunately my reality. A lot of sexual harassment/misbehavior, emotional manipulation, and other really toxic behavior. I was threatened with litigation when I spoke out.”

Taking to Twitter to acknowledge the accusations, Matt Conn confirmed that he had “made some major mistakes” but didn’t go into many specifics. “I have a lot I need to say and 280 characters at a time won’t cut it. I’ve made some major mistakes and I plan to own up to and fix them, however I can’t give everyone answers immediately, but please know that I will not skirt from my responsibility to give you answers. Please grant me your patience a little longer to make sure I can collect my thoughts.”

Should more come from this story, we’ll be sure to update you.