Read Only Memory Comic

Read Only Memories Gets a Comic This December to Prepare You for Sequel

If there’s one great companion for a visual novel, it’s an actual novel. Barring that, comics and graphic novels work too. Earlier this year a comic was announced that would bridge 2064: Read Only Memories with its upcoming sequel game Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER. The comic, which will be published by IDW Publishing, will begin its run on December 18th, 2019. The comic will run for four issues, with a new issue launching each month. A paperback collecting all four issues will also be released sometime next year.

The comic follows Lexi Rivers, a former Neo-San Fransisco police officer turned private detective. She takes on a case that takes her to Santa Cruz, with a robot asking her to investigate its missing lover. Along the way, readers will get to see a more hopeful take on the future, with robots and hybrids living among regular humans, and all of them fighting megacorporations.

If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, 2064: Read Only Memories is a visual novel where you play as a reporter who teams up with a little robot to try and figure out what happened after the robot’s creator is kidnapped. Along the way, they team up with several different characters to try and solve the mystery. The game originally came out for PlayStation 4 on January 17th, 2017 after some delays. A PlayStation Vita version was supposed to come out at the same time. After much delay and originally being canceled, the Vita version didn’t hit shelves until December 10th, 2017. The upcoming NEURODIVER is set to come out sometime in 2020. In the sequel, you play as ES88, an esper that can read minds and alter memories. ES88 has been sent to catch a criminal named Golden Butterfly, who has been hiding out inside of people’s heads and stealing their skills to commit crimes. She’ll be working with the aforementioned Lexi along with professional hacker Tomcat and hybrid lawyer Jess, characters and a story that we should be well-prepped for in the prequel comic starting next month.