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MidBoss Teams With IDW to Expand the Read Only Memories Universe in Comics

Ready to return to the cyberpunk future depicted in Read Only Memories? You’ll be able to do so soon enough, though it won’t be with a new game. Rather, MidBoss has teamed with comic publisher IDW Publishing (Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Wynonna Earp) to adapt the franchise into a monthly comic series. Set between the events of 2064: Read Only Memories and Read Only Memories: Neurodriver, the game franchise’s next installment, IDW’s comic run will begin in December 2019. We don’t know how many issues there will be yet.

The prolific Stefano Simeone, who’s previously worked with the likes of Dark Horse, will illustrate the Read Only Memories comics. Former scribe for Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men, Sina Grace, is penning the upcoming IDW series.

As for what the creative team will produce, a brand-new story from the franchise is on the horizon. “Sentient AI, love and a web of conspiracy” will rest at the heart of the narrative that stars Lexi Rivers, a former detective turned private investigator. When a robot winds up on her doorstep in search of a “lost lover,” Lexi tumbles head first into a mystery that leads her to the beaches of Santa Cruz.

This should fit in well with concepts and ideas brought up in the original game. Lexi appeared in the original 2064: Read Only Memories as one of the people who would assist the player as they search for Hayden Webber, a kidnapped friend and engineer with Parallax, a company that was responsible for creating the Relationship and Organizational Managers people rely upon in this cyberpunk future.

2064: Read Only Memories is available now on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a cross-buy title. For now, the sequel, Neurodriver, is only confirmed to launch on PC and Mac in 2020.

[Source: IDW Publishing via Gamasutra]