Attack on Titan 2 Giveaway – Win One of Five Codes!

Attack on Titan 2 is a brilliant game that retells the story of the first game from a new perspective, while continuing into additional story after the first Attack on Titan’s dramatic conclusion. Every gameplay piece has been improved and updated, so this is the definitive Attack on Titan experience. If you haven’t had a chance to slice a titan’s nape yet, we’ve got you covered. Along with some help from the fine folks over at Bandai Namco, we’re offering the chance to win one of five Attack on Titan 2 PS4 codes just for PlayStation LifeStyle readers.

Five (5) Grand Prize Winners:

  •  One (1) NA PS4 code for Attack on Titan 2

How to Enter

Entry is simple. Visit our Facebook page and comment, like, and share the giveaway post. You can also head over to our Twitter (@PSLifeStyle) to follow us and retweet the giveaway tweet. And finally, simply drop a comment below telling us which of Attack on Titan’s three military divisions you would join (Survey Corps, Garrison, or Military Police) and why. Bonus points for creative and unique answers! Our readers are our most important asset, so we want to hear from you. We’re spreading the winners out across our site and social media platforms, so be sure to enter all of them for a bigger chance to win.

Contest is for NA only! Codes provided by Bandai Namco can only be redeemed on NA PSN accounts.

The giveaway is running through Friday, March 30, and we’ll be selecting the winners on Saturday, March 31. If you are selected as a winner, we will be sending you the code through your contact information on the channel you won from (Facebook, Twitter, Disqus email). Please make sure your Disqus email is up to date and accurate to receive the notification email.

Our Attack on Titan 2 review praised the improvements to the many systems, even if it did tread over much of the same ground covered in the first game.

Everything considered, Attack on Titan 2 is an improvement on the first game in every way, but retreading old ground makes it hard to justify the “2” tacked on to the end. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who missed the first game to get a far more comprehensive Attack on Titan experience, and there’s definitely more content and improvements for those who did play it. I worry that its billing as a sequel may put off potential players, but you don’t need to have any knowledge of the first game to get into Attack on Titan 2. It thoroughly covers the narrative line from the beginning from a slightly different perspective, and it’s clear the development team took feedback from the first game very seriously. Whether you loved the first game and wanted more out of it, or are just getting curious about the series, Attack on Titan 2 is worthy of your attention. I just hope we don’t have to play through the entire story again in number three.

Good luck in our Attack on Titan 2 giveaway!