Play as the Titans and Eat Humans in New Attack on Titan 2 Predator Mode

If you’ve had your fill of taking down titans by slicing off their limbs and slashing their necks, it’s time to get a little revenge on the humans by playing as the creepy naked man-baby creatures. Attack on Titan 2’s new Predator mode allows players to take on the role of the titans. You’ll become one of 250 titan forms as you seek to eat humans and generally sow terror and discontent among the remaining living population.

The new update, available now, features solo play and online competitive modes, pitting players against up to three other people to see who can eat the most humans. Familiar characters from the series will be on hand to take you down, but if you’re skilled enough, you may get to feel what it’s like to eat a member of the 104th. In addition to the simple goal of “destroy all humans,” the team at Omega Force has implemented some additional objectives, mini-games, and side missions to take on that will make life as a titan a little bit more interesting.

Siliconera has a bunch of details about the mode after doing a playtest, rampaging through a city as a titan. There seems to be a little of detail in the new mode, including rage attacks, destroying buildings, and eating nobles for extra points. What I’d love to see now is a versus mode pitting humans against titans using all human players.

The Attack on Titan 2 Predator Mode update is now available free to all players. Don’t miss our Attack on Titan 2 giveaway if you haven’t yet picked up the game, but hurry! There’s only a short time left until winners are selected. Our Attack on Titan 2 review praised the improvements to the many systems, even if it did tread over much of the same ground covered in the first game.

Everything considered, Attack on Titan 2 is an improvement on the first game in every way, but retreading old ground makes it hard to justify the “2” tacked on to the end. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who missed the first game to get a far more comprehensive Attack on Titan experience, and there’s definitely more content and improvements for those who did play it. I worry that its billing as a sequel may put off potential players, but you don’t need to have any knowledge of the first game to get into Attack on Titan 2. It thoroughly covers the narrative line from the beginning from a slightly different perspective, and it’s clear the development team took feedback from the first game very seriously. Whether you loved the first game and wanted more out of it, or are just getting curious about the series, Attack on Titan 2 is worthy of your attention. I just hope we don’t have to play through the entire story again in number three.

Are you eager to get your hands on the Attack on Titan 2 Predator mode?

[Source: Hardcore Gamer]