My Hero Academia: One’s Justice for the PS4 Smashes Details on Stain and Shota Aizawa

Last March 2018, Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump released a teaser page confirming two new characters to be added on the roster for My Hero Academia: One’s Justice – Stain the Hero Killer and Shota Aizawa, also known as Eraserhead. Today, Bandai Namco provided game rendered screenshots for the both of them.

my hero academia ones justice two new characters

One of the two new characters, Stain the Hero Killer, was a villain that triggered the world of My Hero Academia with a bloody revolution. Bandai Namco provided the following details about Stain:

Stain – The horrifying Hero Killer Stain can paralyze his target by ingesting samples of their blood. He licks the blood from his knife to activate his Quirk. What could have happened in his life for him to grow such a hatred for Heroes?

my hero academia ones justice stain screenshot

His quirk, Bloodcurdle, allows him to paralyze his targets by ingesting their blood. The varying blood types indicate the length of which he can paralyze a target.

To balance it off, Bandai Namco also confirmed another character to be released on One’s Justice. He’s no other than the hero, Shota Aizawa, or more popularly known as Eraserhead or Class 1-A’s Aizawa-sensei. According to them:

Shota Aizawa – also known as Eraser Head, is a Pro Hero and the teacher of U.A.’s Class 1-A. His Quirk gives him the ability to nullify anyone’s powers just by looking at them.

my hero academia ones justice shota aizawa screenshot

Shota Aizawa uses his quirk, Erasure, to completely nullify all his target’s quirks as long as he looks at them. Combined with his expertise at using steel cloth wires to capture and immobilize targets.

My Hero Academia is a manga created by Kohei Horikoshi, published in Weekly Shonen Jump, and spawned an anime adaptation animated by Studio Bones. My Hero Academia: One’s Justice will be produced by Bandai Namco. This new My Hero Academia PS4 game will be released some time this 2018.