Available Now: Rescue Your Father with the Help of a Giraffe in The Adventure Pals

If you’re seeking a lighthearted adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then The Adventure Pals has you covered.

Developer Massive Monster has dropped a bombshell with The Adventure Pals release date, which is none other than today, April 3. In this quirky title, you must travel a wide variety of settings in search for your father, who has been kidnapped by the game’s villain, Mr. B. What could Mr. B possibly want with your dad, you ask? To turn him into a tasty and memorable meal, of course.

Thankfully you have the help of a small giraffe, whose tongue can be used to propel you into the air and explore otherwise unreachable places.

The game features a series of open worlds full of secrets, collectibles, and epic boss battles capable of challenging even the most skilled players. The game’s longevity is also extended thanks to its various RPG elements, such as towns and villages with interactive folks who consistently help you along the way. Expect exciting side quests, helpful hints, and items you can purchase to aid in your quest.

Here’s the announcement trailer released back in August:

Perhaps most notable is the game’s charm and downright bizarre mechanics, as the developer wanted to focus on quirk and laughter first and foremost. For example, it’s not uncommon to face zombie pirates, a boss made up of breakfast food, a post-apocalyptic dinosaur, and carry a pet rock (yes, really) for little reason.

The Adventure Pals is the sequel to the popular Super Adventure Pals, which was released a few years back to positive reviews from critics.

So, are you ready to go on a wild adventure? This weirdly charming title is available now for PlayStation 4, XBox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

[Via: PlayStation Blog]