One Piece: World Seeker has Released New Screenshots of Germa 66 and The Vinsmoke Family

Bandai Namco has just released new screenshots for the upcoming game One Piece: World Seeker. They unveiled images of the newly confirmed additions to the game: the Germa 66 army of the Vinsmoke Family!

“Sparking Red” Ichiji, “Dengeki Blue” Niji, and “Winch Green” Yonji will be added to the cast of characters for World Seeker. Brothers of Sanji Vinsmoke, cook and sworn nakama of the Strawhat Pirates, these three are biologically enhanced humans through the power of science. The three characters are all fashioned on the “super sentai” genre that’s a big hit on Japan. Think of our very own Power Rangers and you get the idea. The Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke Family are all part of the Big Mom Arc on the current One Piece storyline.

An overview of these characters is available below, via Bandai Namco:

Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke Family arrive on Jail island! Sanji’s brothers Ichiji, Niji and Yonji’s presence has been confirmed on the island on One Piece: World Seeker. Ichiji, the eldest Vinsmoke brother is a warrior using the power of Fire. Niji, the second eldest brother of the Vinsmoke family, emits high-speed attacks by covering his body with electricity. Yonji, the youngest brother of the Vinsmoke family, tries to knock down Luffy by using the wind to Skywalk. The three brothers are all ready to take on Luffy!

one piece world seeker ichiji

Ichiji Vinsmoke, the Sparking Red

one piece world seeker ichiji

Niji Vinsmoke, the Dengeki Blue

one piece world seeker yonji

Yonji Vinsmoke, the Winch Green

One Piece: World Seeker is an open world game published by Bandai Namco. According to their website:

Set sail on an all-new ONE PIECE adventure in ONE PIECE World Seeker! Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are back in a new story that puts players’ into Luffy’s point of view, as he battles and explores an expansive and seamless world. Open landscapes provide many paths for players to experience Luffy’s gum-gum abilities and swing into action.

  • ONE PIECE adventure with open fields to explore
  • Venture into seamless and expansive areas in an all-new adventure
  • Experience an epic new story from Luffy’s point of view with all of his gum-gum abilities at your disposal

One Piece: World Seeker will be out on the PlayStation 4 and other gaming platforms this year. The Japan release will only be on the PS4.

[Source: Gematsu, Bandai Namco]