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Compile Heart Launches a New Teaser Trailer With MOLDWORKs

Compile Heart has posted yet another teaser for a new project, titled Compile Heart’s Final Weapon!? This teaser is a bit different from their other projects, in which they are working together with MOLDWORKs, a Japanese 3D CG production company, for this particular project.

This 17-second video shows an egg with the logos of Compile Heart and MOLDWORKs imprinted on it. Then you can hear some voices coming from the egg. The quotes found in the teaser trailer are making very ironic references to how Compile Heart has been making too many countdown teasers recently.

“You really like countdowns, don’t you?”

“Finally I will make my explosive debut tomorrow!”

“The heart is inside your mind!”

“How many times [have you branded this] the Final Weapon already!?”


“Something is going to emerge tomorrow……!?”

Compile Heart seems to be in a steady stream of churning out new games in Japan in the recent months. Death end re;Quest is going to be released soon on April 12, while Mary Skelter 2 has also been announced for a June 28 release. Both titles are coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in Japan, but neither of them have English localizations announced yet as of this writing though.

In any case, this new teaser from Compile Heart and MOLDWORKs should be revealed tomorrow, on April 11.

[Source: Compile Heart]