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The King of Fighters XIV Gets Updated to Version 3.00 as New DLC Characters are Out Today

SNK has finally released four new DLC playable characters for The King of Fighters XIV today. This batch has three returning characters: Oswald, Heidern, and Blue Mary, along with a brand-new character named Najd, a Saudi Arabian girl who is a college student at day and a vigilante at night, created from the winning design of a new character design contest held in the Middle East.

In addition to that, SNK has also released a major update patch that upgrades KOF XIV to Ver.3.00. While you can read the general changes right below, SNK has also published a lengthy PDF document which details modifications made to all 54 characters that are already available before today’s additions, and you can access that at the bottom of this article.

  • Fixed an issue allowing to keep charging charged special moves if a direction key was pressed at a certain timing after special moves successfully charged.
  • Throws don’t work anymore from the beginning of a guard stance and until blocking any opponent attack.
  • Emergency Evasion, Guard Cancel Emergency Evasion, and Moving Distance properties have been standardized for all characters.
  • Hit Stop duration on guard stances specific to guard points against certain projectiles has been changed.
  • Collision coefficients for opponents stunned in the air have been changed.

The King of Fighters XIV has been released worldwide since August 2016. One year ago in 2017, SNK also released a DLC batch which mainly added Whip, Ryuji, Vanessa, and Rock Howard as additional playable characters. Today’s new DLC characters and update patch mark the start of a new season for KOF XIV which now has a current total of 58 characters.

[Source: SNK]