A Way Out Sales Have Crossed One Million, According to Developers

Despite being a relatively small title, the co-op adventure game A Way Out has managed to do extremely well for itself since its launch just a couple of weeks ago. Taking to Twitter, the developers of the game – Hazelight Studios – announced that the game has already sold over 1 million copies in just over two weeks, which is an insane number when you think about it.

Of course, with the game only being about for a couple of weeks, that number is pretty crazy, but the game is being praised as one of the best co-op experiences in some time. In case you missed out on the game, now might be the time to finally jump in. For a deeper look at A Way Out, make sure to check out our review of the game, where Tyler Treese called it an “achievement in game design”:

From the opening moment to the very end, this is a game designed truly with cooperation in mind. That’s exactly why it’s amazing that Electronic Arts is allowing one of the most progressive consumer-friendly moves ever by a publisher and allowing players to download a “Friends Pass” version of the game. As such, only one person needs to own a copy to play, and that they can play it with any of their friends. It’s an incredible move, and one that is downright revolutionary. To know that so many more players will be able to experience this piece of art due to it is heartwarming, and it’s a reminder that while gaming is a business, it’s also an artistic field where greatness should be shared.

A Way Out is a true achievement in game design. Not only does it manage to take players on a true journey of emotion, it does so in a way that is only possible through the medium of video games. It manages to do something truly special by making two players to cooperate for an extended amount of time, and the discussions that happen on the couch or over voice chat can be just as revealing as the game itself. Josef Fares and Hazelight have undoubtedly raised the bar for co-op gaming.

A Way Out is available now.

[Source: Push Square]