Fighting EX Layer Will Have a Playable Demo at Combo Breaker 2018

We haven’t heard much about ARIKA’s upcoming fighting game Fighting EX Layer for quite a time ever since they revealed two more characters earlier this month, which are Sanane and Hayate.

Through the game’s official Twitter account, ARIKA has clarified the game’s current development progress. They are also planning to have a playable demo of the game at Combo Breaker 2018, a major fighting game tournament to be held in Illinois on May 25-27.

You can read ARIKA’s statement below, quoted directly from their latest English tweet thread:

We apologize for the lack of updates.

Currently, it is the period of No Debug verification, and having playtests with no problem. *Scheduled until the middle of May.

This is ARIKA’s internal rules, and after passing this, we submit the master to each area and proceed with QA.

Unless there is a big problem, we think we could release it on the announced schedule.

I will write down the detailed specifications we have announced about until now.

1) PS4: 720p resolution with shader level 1 PS4 pro: 1080p resolution with shader level 3

2) Scheduled to be released worldwide, within a 24-hour window. (Chinese/Korean launch are still TBA) It will launch with English and Japanese language options.

3) Legacy controllers do not correspond.

4) It will be released by the end of June.

At the moment, we are preparing a playable build (including 12 characters and 5 Gougi decks) for players to try at Combo Breaker 2018.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Fighting EX Layer is currently under development and is planned to be released for PlayStation 4 by the end of June 2018.

[Source: ARIKA]