Get Devil May Cry’s Dante Armor and Weapon in Monster Hunter: World Now

Announced a number of weeks ago, you can finally get your hands on the Devil May Cry Dante armor and weapon in Monster Hunter: World. In order to craft the crossover event items, you’ll need to complete the Code Red event quest. Code Red is an eight star Arena quest that requires Hunter Rank 14. You’ll be taking on an Anjanath, Odogaron, Rathalos, and Teostra, the most red of Monster Hunter: World’s monsters.

Completing the quest by taking out all four monsters will net you Red Orbs, the required item to craft the Devil May Cry gear. Each armor piece needs on Red Orb, and the Devil Sword (a Charge Blade) requires two, meaning that you’ll need seven Red Orbs to get the full set of gear. Beating the event may sometimes give multiple Red Orbs, so you don’t necessarily need to play the tough quest seven times.

Code Red goes away on May 10 at 5 PM PT, so make sure that you get at least seven Red Orbs before then. Devil May Cry’s Dante is the last of the announced crossover event quests. We’ll likely see some old ones rotate through again over the next couple of months, with new events and the future of Monster Hunter: World to be announced at E3.

A huge update recently brought a new location and monster to Monster Hunter: World, along with a number of other balancing updates and tweaks. More recently, a new patch fixed a few bugs that were introduced in update 3.00.

And finally, if you want to know which Monster Hunter: World monsters would be the tastiest to eat, we’ve got five recipes that you could make from the creatures that roam the world, from Anjanath ribs to Mosswine pork chops. If you aren’t hungry before reading it, you’ll be salivating by the time you’re done, wishing for food from creatures that don’t even exist.

Will you be playing the Monster Hunter World Devil May Cry event to look like Dante and wield his sword?