Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Gear Now Available, Devil May Cry’s Dante Coming Later This Month

The wave of crazy crossovers just never stops, and Monster Hunter: World is king of adding in new appearances, weapons, and armor from other games. Though we’ve known that these ones were on the way, we can finally tell you when you can get your hands on the Monster Hunter: World Mega Man set for your Palico and Dante armor for your hunter.

The Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Palico set is available now. Not only does it update your Palico’s visuals to a 3D-pixelated Mega Man, but usage of certain weapon types by your hunter will actually change the music to classic Mega Man chiptunes.

The event is called Rush of Blood, and asks hunters to take down two Odogaron in the Arena. It is a seven star quest and requires HR13 or greater to participate. By beating the quest, you will get materials needed to craft the Mega Man gear for your Palico. You’d better hurry though! The event will only be active from April 13 to April 26.

Once the Mega Man event ends, the Monster Hunter: World Devil May Cry crossover will begin starting April 27.

That event will unlock both visual armor changes for your hunter and new weapons. No further details have been provided for the Devil May Cry event, but it can be assumed it will also run for two weeks.

Are you excited to see your Palico decked out as the Blue Bomber, or are more eager to see Dante back in action and taking down more monsters? What other crossovers would you like to see Capcom bring to Monster Hunter: World?