Bizarre Video Game Crossovers We Would Love to See

“Video games got so weird,” is what Tyler Treese said after a conversation about the series of crazy video game crossovers we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. Announced today, Sonic Forces is getting a bunch of outfits from other Sega and Atlus properties, like Jet Set Radio, NIGHTS, and Super Monkey Ball. There’s even a Joker outfit and mask from Persona 5 that your hedgehog can don. As bizarre as these inclusions may seem, they at least make sense, given that all of the properties fall within the same publisher family.

Final Fantasy XV, on the other hand, has stepped outside the boundaries of the known video game universe. Partnering with Ubisoft, Square Enix is bringing Assassin’s Creed into the world of Final Fantasy XV, not only with outfits, but an entire Assassin’s Festival event. Not since Final Fantasy met Mickey, Donald, and Goofy to make a little game called Kingdom Hearts has there been a crossover of these proportions.

With the barriers of seemingly impossible collaborations being broken down repeatedly, we looked to other upcoming and recently released games to see what kinds of video game crossovers we would love to see, and justify how the two worlds meeting makes sense (even if that justification is just “video games”). Here are the video game crossovers we most want to see.

What kinds of crazy video game crossovers can you come up with? Whether it’s a full new crossover game like Kingdom Hearts, or just some weird and unexpected DLC for an existing game, we’re sure you can fill the comments with suggestions of your own. I mean, Final Fantasy XV even announced a noodle helmet today, so we’re pretty sure absolutely nothing is sacred anymore.

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