Rock of Ages 2 Character Intros – The Art and History of the Ages

Rock of Ages 2 is a unique tower defense style game that revolves around a boulder smashing and squishing lots of art and history. To attain the irreverent take on classical art and historical figures shown in the Rock of Ages 2 character intros, developer ACE Team scoured history for works of art, people, and places that they could add their special Monty Python-esque humor to. Suddenly Van Gogh becomes this horrifying, paint-puking monster, The Scream ends up that way because his hands were glued to his face, and Henry VIII is a madman with a penchant for beheading his wives. Oh wait, that last one’s already true. As horrifying as the likes of Henry VIII’s atrocities were though, Rock of Ages 2 makes light of it in a hilarious intro segment for the character.

If you want to see all of the Rock of Ages 2 character intros, we’ve compiled all fifteen of them into a single video, but the references don’t stop there. Every level in Rock of Ages 2 is based on particular regions, art, and history, sending you “gently” rolling through the likes of Van Gogh’s landscapes, Dali’s fields of clocks, and even levels based on Greek pottery art. With so many references to digest, we’re giving you a quick look at all of the art, history, and mythology contained in Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder.

In my review, I called Rock of Ages 2 smart, funny, and quirky in all the best ways.

“It was a big surprise to get a sequel to the 2011 PSN game, but I’m happy it did. Although I wish more effort would have been put into making the boss battles feel climactic and challenging, rather than tacked-on additions, the meat of the experience is an exciting and stylish tower defense game with a unique premise. I can’t name another game that lets you squish the likes of Van Gogh , Henry VIII, and Medusa with a boulder that’s rolled through numerous famous works of art. Allowing for four people to get in on the Monty Python-styled action both locally and online is just the feather in the cap of Atlas’ adventure as he flees from God.”

Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder is available now. Which of the Rock of Ages 2 character intros is your favorite?