rock of ages 3 release date

Make and Break Worlds in Rock of Ages III: Make & Break in June

The next Rock of Ages entry, Rock of Ages III: Make & Break finally has a release date attached. Developer ACE Team’s comedic tower defense experience returns on June 2nd of this year for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Along with the launch date announcement, ACE Team released the following developer diary, which runs shy of five minutes long:

As with previous entries, Rock of Ages III: Make & Break eases pure hilarity into the competitive tower defense and action genres. Players will be able to venture through an “expansive, gut-busting story.” The laughs will no doubt come as a result of ACE Team’s wild take on history. Fans should expect to cross paths with historical figures such as Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln. Even fictional characters like Krampus and the Spaghetti Monster will pop up.

For the first time in the series, players will have the option to create and share levels, courtesy of an “easy-to-use editor.” Competing online in real-time tower defense action serves as yet another possibility in Rock of Ages III. Online options include up to four-player multiplayer and versus matches with two players via split-screen.

Even more fun will be on display courtesy of six different arcadey game modes. One mode in particular, Boulder Avalanche, will task players with defending their base. Humpty-Dumpty Mode, on the other hand, is to offer Time Trials. Whatever players choose to explore, ACE Team aims to ensure Rock of Ages III provides “hundreds of hours of fun.”

[Source: Modus Games via Gematsu]