Killing Floor: Incursion Trophies Feature a Platinum, View Full List

The latest shooter in the Killing Floor series is set to come to PlayStation VR next week, and now we’ve got a good look at its trophies. Killing Floor: Incursion will feature a Platinum trophy for players to unlock, several difficulties (including Hardcore), and several different endings. It looks to be one of the more fleshed out PSVR offerings.

Check out the full list of Killing Floor: Incursion trophies below:


  • A through Zed

    Earn all other Trophies including hidden trophies.


  • You Got Anything Harder?

    Beat game on Hardcore (Hard mode).
  • Everyone Trusts their Corporate Overlords

    Give the data to Emma/Patriarch
  • Everyone Trusts People in Gas Masks

    Give the data to Foster
  • No Choice is Still a Choice

    Get the “Do Nothing” Ending
  • Holdout Gold

    Get 7000 points in Holdout.
  • Holdout Diamond

    Get 10000 points in Holdout.


  • Holdout Silver

    Get 5000 points in Holdout.
  • Both Ways, Through Ten Feet of Snow

    Kill a Fleshpound with only knives and pistols.
  • I Think I’m a Clone Now

    Beat Biotics in Co-op.
  • Paris is for Lovers… of Carnage

    Beat Paris in Co-op.
  • Never Go Caving Alone

    Beat Catacombs in Co-op.
  • More Hands Make Light Slaughter

    Beat Farmhouse in Co-op.
  • Up Close and Personal

    Beat a map with only melee attacks.


  • Bullets-For-Everyone Time

    Get 5 kills while in Zed Time.
  • Alone in the Dark

    Beat Catacombs in Solo.
  • Better Living Through Mad Science

    Beat Biotics in Solo.
  • Fashion Kills

    Beat Paris in Solo.
  • Gunplay is the Best Play

    Beat a map with only guns.
  • Blood Harvest

    Beat Farmhouse in Solo.
  • Cheap Shot

    Kill a boss in Holdout in 1 shot.
  • Holdout Bronze

    Get 2000 points in Holdout.
  • Just a Flesh Wound

    Completely dismember a Zed.
  • Throw the Grenade, Not the Pin

    Blow yourself up with a grenade.
  • Stop Hitting Yourself

    Dual-wield Zed limbs.
  • Not That Kind of Simulation

    Stroke the axe “5” number of times consecutively
  • It Slices, it Dices, it Flies!

    Kill a Zed at long range with a thrown knife.
  • Big Trouble in Little Zedville

    Kill a Husk with a thrown knife.
  • Bringing a Knife to a Chainsaw Fight

    Kill a Scrake with only knives.
  • You Ain’t Got Time to Bleed

    Revive your partner in co-op.

Killing Floor: Incursion is set to release May 1, 2018 for PlayStation VR.