Koei Tecmo to Publish New Warriors Orochi 4 Information on May 10

Although Koei Tecmo made a surprise reveal of Warriors Orochi 4 (also known as Musou Orochi 3 in Japan) last March, they had not followed up with more information throughout April. But that silence will be over soon, as the Japanese official Warriors Orochi Twitter account makes a promise that new Warriors Orochi 4 information will be available next week.

We have translated the account’s short tweet as follows:

Will publish the next information for Musou Orochi 3 (Warriors Orochi 4) on Thursday, May 10! #MusouOrochi3

Warriors Orochi is a series of highly popular hack-and-slash action games which mainly mixes two of the popular historical settings covered by Koei Tecmo—the Chinese Three Kingdoms period of Dynasty Warriors and the Japanese Warring States period of Samurai Warriors—in an original world with its own storyline and additional characters to boot. The screenshot above comes from the first teaser trailer, which shows Zhao Yun and Sanada Yukimura, the poster boys of their respective series, fighting in an original world filled with Greek-styled architecture.

As a side note, at the same week last year, Koei Tecmo teased the first major information batch for Dynasty Warriors 9 to come the week after. When it did come, the game received an extensive coverage in Japan’s Weekly Famitsu magazine. So we are expecting the same thing here that Famitsu should have an early preview of Warriors Orochi 4 a couple of days earlier.

Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force team is currently developing Warriors Orochi 4. It has been announced to be released in 2018 for both Japan and the West. Although no platforms have been announced yet, it should be safe to assume that this game will come to PlayStation 4, as past series games have been mainly released on PlayStation platforms.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]