Adult Swim Takes a Dab at God of War for their PlayStation 4 Pro Commercial


The release of God of War has really inspired a lot of memes recently. Even in the realm of advertisements.

Adult Swim has just released a commercial over at their YouTube channel for the PlayStation 4 Pro. And who else should they invite over? None other than Kratos and Atreus from Dad of Boy. I mean God of War.

playstation 4 pro commercial

How the commercial starts is funny enough, as Kratos and Atreus shows up in a modern, urban setting. Kratos still wants to train Boy on the different forms of combat, so they decided to play a little basketball. And Mimir the Smartest Head alive (dead? Is a disembodied head alive or dead?), gets to play as well. Albeit, in a different manner, whether he likes it or not.

playstation 4 pro commercial head

Next scene, we see Boy playing their own game, earning praise from Dad.

playstation 4 pro commercial dad of boy

Then we see just how sharp the Leviathan Axe is.

playstation 4 pro commercial leviathan axe

God of War is currently available for the PlayStation 4. Leviathan Axe not included.

We did a review of the game and you might want to check it out here. For screenshots of the game, see below.