Days Gone Talks About How They Plan to Rope in Zombie Fatigued Players

Gameinformer has released a video featuring an interview with John Garvin, creative director for Days Gone. The game is an upcoming open-world zombie survival game. People exposed to the genre have been ridden already by “zombie fatigue,” in which they think that the game will be nothing new.

Well, Garvin has some thoughts of his own. In the interview, he said that he had always liked the zombie genre, and he didn’t think that the issue about zombie fatigue would be that big. But apparently, it was a big deal, and he didn’t really have any idea on how to dismiss those kinds of thinking. But he did say “Give it a Try. Just play it. Because it’s not like any zombie game you’ve ever played.” He was adamant that Days Gone will be different in a lot of aspects when it comes to fighting the horde. Garvin also added, “Fighting in the open world with this constant threat, and everything coming to play with the weather, the sounds you’re making, and the weapons you’re choosing to bring, and the resources that you have; all of that plays into this experience that makes it pretty different than most zombie shooters that I’ve played.”

Gameinformer then brought up the topic that the team making Days Gone might be facing a “double whammy.” These are people who are fatigued of zombies, and people who have already played a lot of open world games. They asked a question that if people have already played a lot of those type of games in the previous year, what does their game offer that the others didn’t have. And well, Garvin’s answer is pretty interesting, and you might just have to watch the whole video to know the answer to that one.

Are you guys actually excited for Sony Bend’s next game?

[Source: Gameinformer]