APB: Reloaded Might See a Brighter Future Due to Little Orbit’s Acquisition

Game publisher and developer Little Orbit had announced today that it has acquired the games portal GamersFirst.com. The press release also stated that with the acquisition, game licenses for their games including the MMO shooter APB: Reloaded is now being handled by Little Orbit. The company promises new content updates to APB: Reloaded, as well as improved communication and manage with the community.

The company that Little Orbit acquired, GamersFirst, is a gaming platform with over 23 million recorded users. It was previously owned by Reloaded Games for specific distribution and maintenance of their free-to-play titles. Their biggest title at the time was APB: Reloaded, and was quite a huge hit despite some struggles here and there. The first All Points Bulletin (APB) suffered from a not-so-great launch, followed by the fall of its developer Realtime Worlds. GamersFirst acquired APB and remade the game into the now FTP APB: Reloaded.

Little Orbit vows to create two main “aggressive update plans” for APB: Reloaded. The first plan includes a clean-up of all of their community platforms: forum clean-ups, updates on banning cheaters, and an overall improvement in communication with its players. The company also promises new in-game content updates, specifically new clothing, guns, maps, play modes, vehicles, and improvement in matchmaking. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as these are just the plans for the first wave of updates that Little Orbit has to offer for APB: Reloaded.

Even though APB: Reloaded is basically dying, Little Orbit’s promises might actually change the how the game will revive itself. The company already has quite a lot of publishing credits, including various Cartoon Network and licensed Barbie titles. They are also keen on the upcoming Descent: Underground, which is currently in early access.

Have any of you played APB: Reloaded? Let us know in the comments how you think their plan will work out.